What is the Mighty Blanket?


Mighty Happy Aussies

Oh my. Go on and buy it…maybe even 2 or 3, It’s everything I hoped a blanket could be in life.  I live in Blue Mountains and this keeps us all snug morning and night. 

Ben P

If you share a bed with your partner and an entitled dog that takes all the blanket this is the blanket for you. It has a really nice hem all the way around it and it's incredibly soft and toasty. Recommend.

Thomas Y

I love how big it is. Much bigger than I expected and so freakin warm. It truly is the biggest and warmest blanket we have ever owned.

Anna G

It's Massive!!! So WARM!!!!
My hubby got it for me, the best gift ever. We bought another one haha so we have one in the bedroom and one for us and the kids to watch tv.

Sarah S

It’s the warmest hug ever! My husband and I love our massive blanket. You will not regret buying it at all. 

Rachael S

It’s so soft and massive!. The quality is great, and washable which is fantastic. Best investment ever.

Peter H

It is huge! Bigger is better when it comes to this blanket. My kids get so excited to get under our blanket. I love the soft feel and the colour is really stylish in our home.

Claire I

Experiencing this is person I was shocked in a good way how big and comfortable It was. We have a big dog that always steals our blanket and it’s big enough for all 5 of us now. Thank you much. 

Sophia A

The Mighty Experience

30 Day Comfy Guarantee

We won't be able to sleep at night if you're not ridiculously comfy and cosy. We offer a 30 day pain free return policy.

Cosiness Super-Sized

Months of R&D was spent napping, relaxing and putting our feet up, so we could bring you the most massive and cosiest blanket ever.

Mighty Luxurious

Designed for a luxurious feel, its 4x softer than a standard throw blanket. Made to a premium 500gsm, it's the benchmark of luxury at home.